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Thursday, January 6, 2011

customer order

Assalamualaikum guys

skrg jam pukul 3.32 am, peaceful friday morning, and i still cant sleep yet
guna masa yg ade ni utk update entry tempahan tudung..
skrg dah takde byk mase sbb study dah mula blik..
sape buat tempahan sy hanya boleh buat pd weekend shj..
smlm dpt tahu, next holiday 4month,yahoo! sbb government nak schedule n selaras blik jadual student ipta..jd time tu sy boley buat fulltime jahit tudung lg ;p

tonight sy nak update gmbr ckit..

tempahan dari customer lovely n lawa sy,Tasrifah..thanks makcik,if u reading this! ;p

dy tempah 6piece of scallop labuh, size tu sy ikut dr tudung yg dy suka, dy bg tudung contoh..colour pale yellow,pink, pale purple, blue dot, dark choc, and turqoise.

tp tak smua gmbr ade..

 dark choc,blue dot( new pattern fabric), and turqoise.

pale purple

and Pn Tasrifah asked me to repair her certain hijab..she ask me to change the awning to kodroy type fabric..
actually 2hijabs below have lycra plain fabric for awning itself, but a bit big size to fit into Pn Tasrifah's face..she doesnt comfort with..so i change it into a small size awning..tadaa! and it became like this ;)

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